Artwork with pebbles and shells

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In folk art has transformed his house in Lower Sotiritsa retired teacher. Entering the courtyard of the house is facing a priceless treasure, in a garden full of artistic creations, all made by the talented hand, imaginative and George Constanti teacher retired inspiration.

For 15 years dealing with such artwork Mr. Konstantis. After retiring from the position of the teacher was looking for a way out, a way to pleasantly pass the time. He found a way out of pebbles. On the beach and the tranquility of the sea spend most of the day until you find the right stone, the smallest pebble to fit perfectly in the courtyard, the pot, the boat that was preparing. And then take the road to the house and sat there for hours to complete his masterpiece. "There have been days when I start to decorate a flowerpot at 8 am and stop at 12 midnight," said the "E" the retired teacher.

Pebbles decorate the floor of the car park, the courtyard, the alley leading to the house. The more experienced craftsman would envy the area of ​​external shower. Dolphins, boats, shells take the place of gray cement.

Entering the visitor in the courtyard summer houses observes dozens of pots, which are decorated with different colored shells trade, small stones carefully placed on the clay pots with special thermosilikoni. Highly impressive wooden ships, boats up to cruise ships that are ready to solve their capes and travel. Months slipped to decorate Mr. Konstantis "I have made about twenty boats, other small and other little older. This time I look at a new practice to be more stable materials between them. "

The retired teacher uses only natural materials wood, stones, shells, pebbles and everything else for others it may be a one lifeless material taking it in his hands will give him life will follow, will create another project of. From wood that had washed up to the beach, with trees created a multidisciplinary xerodentro and a big star also from wood.

Indeed, lately it deals with engraving stones. "We print various designs on rice paper and then with a special machine delve into stones," says Mr. Konstantis that the issues usually captures are forms of children playing, going to school, one of his favorite pictures as there was years teacher.

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