See how to create a beautiful Neraidospito of pebbles and plastic bottles

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It is fantastic options we have for structures with pebbles and stones. One of them is unique neraidospita! petrino-spiti-4 Plastic bottles can take you to magical worlds! petrino-spiti-8 What you'll need: -Xylokolla -Plastiki bag with airtight closing -Plastic bottle -Some small pebbles -Tsimpidaki -Steganotiko varnish -Technito grass and shells petrino-spiti-5 Look for small flat pebbles. The river and the beach is the best. If the pick up from the countryside, rinse with a little warm water and soap and dry. You could even rub with an old toothbrush. If you do not have time to search, you can buy in stores pebbles with garden materials where you will find a great variety. petrino-spiti-10 Put wood glue on the plastic bag and lay it by several blocks. Take some pebbles and glue them onto the squares. With the tweezers add pebbles to fill any gaps. petrino-spiti-1 Wait about half an hour and check your blocks. The glue will dry up around the stones much faster than it would in dry soft plastic. Try to pick up the pebbles from the corner to remove all the square without loosen the pebbles. The trick is to take the square while the glue is still watery on the bottom side and the square is still elastic, to put it on rounded surfaces. If completely dry, do not worry. You can get it out of plastic and add glue to the back of the square. petrino-spiti-11 Now you can stick the shingles on the plastic bottle but after cut all windows or doors you want. On the roof you can add shells and artificial grass to give the moss image. petrino-spiti-6 Finally, spend a couple of coats of varnish that your manufacturing become more stable and keep more space if you put it outdoors. petrino-spiti-2-601x900 The result is fabulous!